Meet Joe Virgona

Director and Financial Planner
at Your Money Manager

As a child, I was fascinated by business. I was always looking up to business owners who were at the top of their game, like Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch. Going through my teens, I realised that I too wanted to run a business. That would be my life. I studied a Bachelor of Business Management alongside pursuing my love for flying, becoming a qualified pilot at 21 years old. This even took me to California where I visited the factory where Volantors (flying cars!) are made.

However, back from the USA knowing my true passion was in business, I went all in on financial planning.  A few financial planning roles later, including a few years at Westpac, and later at an accounting firm, I made the decision to do things my way.

I’d had years of experience learning what didn’t sit well with me and feeling uncomfortable with the often aggressive approach to clients. It was time for me to approach work on my terms, in a way that I wholeheartedly believed was in the best interests for my clients, not just the company’s bottom line.

Two mortgage brokers who were leasing office space where I was working at the time were looking for a financial planner to bring into their business. I jumped at the opportunity.

Fast forward another 10 years to 2016, and I bought out my partners to become the sole director of Your Money Manager. I have chosen to be in the very unique position of not taking commissions from any banks or firms.

Some of my industry colleagues think I’m crazy not to take advantage of commissions, but to me, it doesn’t just feel right that way. When it comes down to it, we listen to people and help them find a solution, with their best interests at heart, always.

Being 100% independent enables us to give completely independent and unbiased advice to our clients. I’m also regularly educating those in the industry and wider audiences about money management, having spoken at more than 65 seminars over the years.

Money isn’t the be all and end all but having financial security does help us live with less stress and more choice. That’s ultimately what we help our clients to achieve.

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