Our approach to planning your investment strategy is by first looking at the lifestyle you would like to achieve, and working back from there.

Some people want nothing more than to just finish up work and spend their time doing what they want. For others, simply having the option to scale back their hours will suit them better.

Hear from one of our financial planning clients

“We moved to Australia as self funded retirees 3 years ago. Our mortgage broker introduced us to Joe and we are indebted to him for that.

Joe is totally honourable and will always endeavour to ensure that his clients' interests are served by his decisions before any other criteria are taken in to account. We are entirely satisfied with every decision Joe has made on our behalf and his advice has stood the test of time. This period of our lives could be so stressful financially but we have total peace with how Joe has invested our portfolio.

We can recommend him without reservation.”

John & Sue

Putting in place strategies to maximise your retirement income and assets is one of the most important parts of financial planning. It doesn’t matter how close (or how far away) you are from retirement, there are almost always options that can be considered.

But before you borrow to invest, or plan an investment strategy, it is important to consider why you are doing it and what you want to accomplish. That’s where we can help!

We’ll take a thorough look at your current assets – such as your superannuation fund, property portfolio, debts and also your goals for retirement – then create a customised plan to help you get where you want, faster.